Time to Smell the Roses

We’re approaching Memorial Day weekend in the U.S., which means a three-day weekend for many people and the unofficial beginning of summer. It’s the time to stop and smell the roses, the coffee, the golf course, or whatever makes you take a pause and refresh.

Many of us function at warp speed, and don’t take nearly enough time to reboot, reassess and reflect. This is a good weekend to do so, and hopefully you’ll do something that fits one of those categories.

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“Lone Ranger” Leaders

I’ve been working with a leadership team where three out of four people are aligned around organizational goals, while the fourth is singing to the tune of his own agenda.

Although this leader is valued in his role, if he doesn’t work to achieve alignment with his colleagues, over time it will infect the leadership team.

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Collegial Trust

One of my clients has a somewhat contentious relationship with a peer leader in his company, where they are both in key roles. Although they get along on the surface, during a recent coaching session, it was clear that there has been a breach of trust on both sides.

Both know that they need to fix this. The longer my client avoids dealing with the issue, it will be “the elephant in the room” as they move forward. The company is undergoing a strategic transition, and it will be extremely difficult to accomplish their ambitious objectives without rebuilding trust.

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Leadership Decisiveness

As a leader, you’re always “on”, whether you want to be or not. Sometimes it seems like everyone is observing your actions and making judgments. And, of course, these judgments are usually made out of context, without full information.

This comes with the leadership territory and as such people want to see confidence, decisiveness, and consistency in their leaders.

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