Lisa brings over 35 years of business experience and organizational insight to her clients and program audiences. Her programs help audience members challenge the status quo, create new goals, and achieve new levels of success.

She invests in your organization by researching and talking to key people in advance. Preparation is a given, and she customizes each presentation by weaving in unique information.

Audience members benefit from Lisa’s interactive presentations by learning how to:

  • Create a workable plan to increase revenue and profitability
  • Cultivate client and employee relationships that have staying power
  • Develop leadership competencies that result in organizational growth
  • Make decisions with greater clarity
  • Practically apply program content for immediate results

The following presentation topics are samples of what Lisa offers:

5 Soft Leadership Skills That Create Hard Results
While leadership skills such as planning and problem-solving are important, studies show that it’s actually the softer leadership skills—such as communication, appreciation and interpersonal skills—that are creating results in the workforce. Explore the research tying soft leadership skills to bottom-line results, and the generational workforce trends driving this new leadership. Learn the five soft skills that affect the bottom line most directly—and how to measure and improve them.

Help! I’m Invisible – How to Build Your Practice in a Crowded Market
Learn how to differentiate and parlay your firm’s strengths and talents for more effective business development.

Legacy Leadership
Learn how to make your mark with confidence in today’s constantly changing environment. Whether you are an established leader or an aspirational one, you’ll discover how modeling great leadership can make an impact.

From People to Profits – Reinventing Your Organization in Times of Transition
Learn ways to overcome “career overwhelm” during organizational change. Increase your company’s growth and profitability by attracting, retaining and motivating performance champions.

Entrepreneurial Leadership – Transform from entrepreneur to entrepreneurial leader to create a stronger company and happier employees. Learn the leadership skills that are critical to taking your organization to the next level.

Jobs of the Future – Are You Ready or Is Your Head in the Sand?
Artificial intelligence. Automation. Offshoring. How many jobs in your organization are going the way of the buggy whip? Stay ahead of your competition by proactively changing the skill sets for the jobs of the future.

Lead Like a Woman
Aspiring women leaders don’t need to fall into the trap of leading like men. Develop and leverage your natural strengths so that you can lead with the best of you, not someone else. Lear which strengths are innate to you, and how they can transform your organization.

Find out how you can develop solutions to your challenges and reenergize your people by booking Lisa. She is available for keynotes, concurrent sessions and workshops that will be customized for your organization. Lisa is also available to facilitate executive and board meetings and retreats. She can be your program or conference moderator, working with your key executives to ensure optimal effectiveness.

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