Organizational Culture and Values

Rallying Employees Around Company Culture

A global sports and entertainment firm underwent an ownership change. The new CEO wanted to make his mark by articulating mission and values to the hundreds of customer-facing employees. He also wanted to instill pride in serving the customers in a way that had previously not been done. The marketing director, who was tasked with this assignment, was essentially starting from scratch.

We consulted with the executive team to clarify the messaging that the CEO wanted to convey. Then, we created a program that communicated the firm’s mission and values. We included a specific customer-focused initiative that the employees could “own” and feel proud of. We conducted eight trainings over ten days, and established a concrete employee recognition program.

We created a year-long customer-service and employee recognition program that was measured by customer satisfaction. The organizational mission and values were integral to the program. In its first year, over 50 employees received public recognition for their contributions. During this time, the organization made great strides in upgrading their customers’ experiences.