Did You Miss Your Exit?

CEOs who aspire to spectacular growth have expectations of nothing short of exceptional results from their leaders. They rally these leaders with optimistic views of the future and eyes on the rewards that will be given for achieving KPIs and other metrics.

Strong leaders take the nod and push their departments forward with similar focus. The drive for growth is pushed down through the organization where outstanding results are expected consistently.

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Protecting Your Team

Sometimes leaders make decisions that impact clients that may also inadvertently have a negative ripple effect on your employees. For example, you could change policies, terms of service, pricing, or even account executives.

Those are perfectly justified decisions. But sometimes your clients may resist the change and take it out on your staff. They may resent the changes and instead of discussing it with leadership, they display negative or passive aggressive behavior with your employees.

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Recession…Or Not?

No one has a crystal ball to the answer to this question, in fact, economists seem to be all over the map in terms of their predictions. Since the outlook is uncertain, leaders need to use their best information and insights to decide how economic conditions will impact their organizations.

Your business strategy will determine decisions you make in terms of growth in 2023, but as important is to understand how the undercurrent of this uncertainty affects your employees. Here are three key factors that are on their minds:

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