A Day of Gratitude

Today is the day when friends and family gather with no agenda other than (over)eating, catching up on each other’s lives, and watching football in a tryptophan stupor. We create our signature holiday foods and even learn about what different cultures bring to the Thanksgiving table.

I always think of Thanksgiving as a day of gratitude. It’s a time to pause, reflect, and give thanks for the things that mean the most to you.

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What Happened to Work Ethic?

One of the common complaints I hear from clients is how their employees don’t approach their work with the same commitment and resolve that they have. The essence of what is missing is a demonstrable level of work ethic.

Can you teach this? Many think no, but I think it depends. Work ethic is not taught in the academic environment, so we can’t expect someone entering the workplace to understand what this is. Some employees may glean elements of it from observing or learning from family members, but that isn’t consistent either.

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When Leaders Disappoint

How do you handle decisions that you know will disappoint some of your people? Don’t gravitate toward that awful cliché, “it’s business, not personal”, because often, it is personal. It’s personal when it affects someone’s career, compensation, or how others perceive them based on assignments (organizational prestige).

The key to managing disappointment in others is based in your own awareness. Be aware of the impact of your decisions on your employees. Anticipate their reactions. Use your reservoir of emotional intelligence to do damage control.

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Note to Bad Bosses: “Back Off!”

Terrorizing your employees is not a great engagement strategy. As an enlightened subscriber to Executive Insight, you may think, “Of course it isn’t – who would do that?” I’m here to tell you that these bosses abound in the work place (and I’m certain that you’ve come across at least a few).

They’re not especially interested in emotional intelligence or smart leadership strategies or developing their people. They focus on driving revenue and think the bottom line can be built on the backs of employees who comply with their demands.

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