Note to Bad Bosses: “Back Off!”

Terrorizing your employees is not a great engagement strategy. As an enlightened subscriber to Executive Insight, you may think, “Of course it isn’t – who would do that?” I’m here to tell you that these bosses abound in the work place (and I’m certain that you’ve come across at least a few).

They’re not especially interested in emotional intelligence or smart leadership strategies or developing their people. They focus on driving revenue and think the bottom line can be built on the backs of employees who comply with their demands.

One of their hallmarks is boasting that their companies are great places to work. Yes, there might be a little stress, but “it’s the nature of the business”. If you don’t have a thick skin, go work someplace else.

During the past few weeks, I learned of 4 employees who resigned and at least 7 more who are on the verge of leaving in a handful of companies i know well. There is a theme: they were no longer willing to work for bosses who treat them badly and devalue their efforts.

By and large, these are employees who have been committed, performed well, and have demonstrated the kind of attributes that you want in your people. Of course they’re not perfect, but when bosses pick away at them, it inevitably erodes their confidence and commitment over time.

They are the same employees who were eagerly hired because those same bosses believed in how they could contribute to their companies.

Leaders can drive extraordinary results without bullying, intimidating, or demoralizing. You can be tough, brutally client driven, and laser focused on deadlines and take a neutral demeanor with your staff. You don’t even need to be nice – just stop behaving badly.

Have a great day!

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