Wrapping up the Year

Have you taken time to pause and reflect on your accomplishments in 2023? As usual, it seems like the year zoomed by in a flash, and in a few short days it will be 2024.

Busy executives often don’t take enough time to acknowledge their achievements. You need to savor these moments because once they’re gone, you’re on to the next thing and it’s harder to recall un-savored moments.

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“I Heard You Twice the First Time”

Don’t you just love that expression? I learned it from Joanne, who participated in a management offsite that I facilitated. We had been discussing the need to “over communicate,” especially given enormous information overload. Her comment made a great impression on everyone around the table.

People become frustrated when their colleagues or co-workers don’t recall what they said. The fact is, people cram in so much information that some things just don’t get processed.

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Connect the Dots

Your employees go through a maze of “dots” every day that are directly related to how they can and will perform on the job. Unfortunately, rarely are they equipped to find the answers on their own. To set the stage, here are some examples:

+ People begin a new job and it’s up to them to figure out how to navigate through the firm’s unique culture.

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