Connect the Dots

Your employees go through a maze of “dots” every day that are directly related to how they can and will perform on the job. Unfortunately, rarely are they equipped to find the answers on their own. To set the stage, here are some examples:

+ People begin a new job and it’s up to them to figure out how to navigate through the firm’s unique culture.

+ Many employees don’t know the specifics about how their performance is judged.

+ Employees may not even know how their jobs fit into and contribute to the company’s goals.

Leaders need to ensure that their managers are not only paying attention to this but providing guidance. No one should be working in a company and groping around to find the answers.

Here are two issues to ponder. First, what can you do to eliminate gaps (such as the ones mentioned above) in your organization? One way to approach this may be to look at your company with “alien eyes” to evaluate and improve such scenarios. In fact, this is a great team project that will engage staff meaningfully.

Second, what can you do to help your people develop a better ability to connect the dots? They will be more equipped to provide superior solutions on the job when they cultivate this skill. Hint: by combining creative and systematic thinking you may find some fascinating answers and opportunities.

This is something that your management team should review regularly, especially as changes occur in your organization. Today’s great solutions may not be optimal five years – or even a year – from now.

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