Executive Advisory Services

Executive challenges

Even your best talent can struggle with one or more of the following professional transitions:

  • New or increased responsibility to generate new business
  • Promotions or role changes
  • Business reorganization or restructuring
  • Balancing personal/professional challenges
  • New or increased managerial responsibilities
  • Succession planning or exit strategy

Our process
We provide executive advisory services to develop your leaders in alignment with your organizational culture and values. Here is a summary of the process:

  • Goal setting: We establish goals for the coaching engagement and monitor these as we progress. Importantly, the goals change sometimes based on what happens during the coaching process. This is not unusual, and we simply adjust the goals accordingly.
  • Leadership assessment: This is a multi-part instrument that evaluates the leader’s behavioral style, motivators, acumen, job skills and emotional intelligence. It is administered online and takes about an hour to complete. The assessment is debriefed with the client.
  • 360 evaluation: If appropriate, we interview 5-7 colleagues or clients for the purpose of collecting feedback on issues that we’re working on in the coaching process. We then analyze the difference between the client’s perception and the perception of others in order to minimize the gap between them.
  • Ongoing client accountability: The success of any coaching program is directly related to what the client puts into it. The client is responsible for working on the issues discussed during the coaching sessions. This is essential in order to improve and move forward.

The role of an executive advisor is largely a facilitator, guide, sounding board, encourager, and accountability partner. We are committed to your success.