Board Facilitation/Management Retreats

A New Direction for an Organization in Turmoil

Organizational Challenge:
Lisa regularly works with boards of directors to help clarify mission and strategy during retreats and planning sessions. In one memorable case, a management upheaval happened on the morning preceding her planned session. The executive director had resigned and many of the volunteer board members were ready to resign as well.

As the facilitator of this emotionally charged board, Lisa completely shifted her original agenda to a crisis intervention. By partnering with the board president, she was able to calm the various stakeholders. This provided the foundation for more productive sessions over the next two days.

The outcome was obviously quite different than what she had prepared for. Lisa’s deep relationship and knowledge of the interpersonal dynamics resulted in a successful facilitation. She served the board meaningfully and effectively at a pivotal time of crisis. I think we should add some more tangible outcomes if possible.