Derail or Move Forward?

Think back to the last time when a huge hindrance got in your way while you still needed to deal with business as usual. Did you let it derail you or did you work around it and move forward?

Leaders need to be agile when it comes to working around big obstacles. You will feel more confident when you proactively handle them. You will also influence your staff by how you manage them. I’ve seen too many situations where leaders freeze when faced with something big and unexpected, and it results in lower productivity for everyone for weeks to follow.

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Speaker Reel 2017

Dr. Lisa M. Aldisert is an internationally recognized business advisor, trend expert, author and speaker. Lisa brings over 35 years of business experience and organizational insight to her speaking. Her customized presentations are designed to challenge the status quo, provide leadership insight, highlight workplace trends, and achieve new levels of success. Lisa is available for keynotes, concurrent sessions, workshops, executive retreats, and conference moderation.  She is president of Pharos Alliance Inc., an executive advisory firm specializing in strategic planning, organizational and leadership development.

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Don’t Go Away Mad, Just Go Away

I remember seeing this catchphrase somewhere when I was young. At the time, I didn’t think much of it, but bizarrely, the visual of this sign appeared in my mind recently when I had a bad experience with a vendor.

The short version is that I bought a service which was represented one way during the sale and was completely different when I used the service. My fault, because the very, very, very fine print (which you couldn’t read until you purchased) excluded what I thought I was buying.

I got mad. And then, for whatever reason, that slogan popped into my head. What was intended as a cute, innocuous saying was a trigger for me to let it go.

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Take a Pause

What with Passover and Easter converging this week, we are reminded of symbolic renewals. Why not take some inspiration from the season and make a little time for your own renewal as well?

If this idea sounds alien to you, consider all of the activities you are engaged in, obligations for which you are accountable, and the myriad things you just don’t get to. We have become a society of “more, better, faster” and “get it done now” and this can leave us in a state of spin.

Even if you’re really good at keeping pace with such intensity, you need to take a pause every once in a while, and now is as good a time as any. Use the pause to think through and rebalance your priorities, to eliminate or reduce toxic situations, and to add a little bit of “me” time (even if it’s as little as a half hour).

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A great skill for leaders to master is the art of compartmentalizing. I say “art” because there is no one way to do it and the best way is to learn the way it works for you through trial and error.

One of the biggest benefits of compartmentalization is that it helps you manage the myriad distractions that occur daily. Leaders face constant interruptions, client challenges, employee issues, and dozens of other disruptions.

When you learn how to compartmentalize, you focus on one issue at a time and don’t let the others bleed into your attention span.

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