Strategic Planning

From Doer to Leader
Many of our clients are subject-matter experts who have built successful companies or departments in larger organizations. Although these people are extremely talented in their specialized areas of expertise, they may face challenges in leading.  The following example describes one situation.

This professional services firm had been in business for over 25 years and wanted to grow to the next level. The two partners of the firm were subject matter experts who did not have strong managerial or leadership skills. To further complicate the situation, the partners often contradicted each other and bickered in front of their staff. Not surprisingly, this created an uncomfortable and awkward environment for everyone.

The partners and management team completed a lengthy survey that shaped a day-long strategic planning retreat. Before implementing the strategies that emerged from the retreat, Lisa worked with the partners to improve their interpersonal dynamic. This was essential to get the management team’s buy-in and improve the previously fearful office environment.

Lisa helped the firm evolve to become more effective through stronger leadership and better communication from the partners. This happened by working closely with the partners and the management team and understanding their challenges at a deep level. Accountability grew and morale improved dramatically. The firm moved forward on the desired growth trajectory.