Leadership Decisiveness

As a leader, you’re always “on”, whether you want to be or not. Sometimes it seems like everyone is observing your actions and making judgments. And, of course, these judgments are usually made out of context, without full information.

This comes with the leadership territory and as such people want to see confidence, decisiveness, and consistency in their leaders.

First, you need to be clear that your decisions are the best for your organization. If you don’t believe that you’re making the best decisions, people will recognize this, and will perceive weakness (consciously or subconsciously).

Second, you can’t make decisions based on popularity. People may not like your decisions, but if you can back up your decisions, people will generally give you the benefit of the doubt. If you act timidly, people will sense this and may try to change your mind.

Third, obviously you don’t want to be rigid, but after you make a decision, live with it. If you keep rethinking it, you’ll make yourself crazy. You can always course correct as you move ahead.

Next, relatively few decisions are black and white, so learn to deal with the vagueness that accompanies shades of gray. Don’t spend time looking for black and white when it doesn’t exist.

Finally, don’t be so fearful about the act of deciding that you end up paralyzed. Not only will your self-confidence diminish but your image as a leader will weaken as well.

The best way to become good at decision-making is to make them. Don’t procrastinate. Don’t worry. Don’t analyze them to death. Just make them.

Header image by Tim Miroshnichenko/Pexels.

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