Resiliency in Change

Change can cause massive turmoil, especially when you least expect it. Organizations undergo restructuring, management shifts, and new job responsibilities without even realizing the whirlwind of confusion and bewilderment that can follow.

When you layer on employees’ concerns, dissatisfaction, and fears from such changes, it can become a leadership nightmare.

Leaders need to learn how to assess situations, make decisions and take action often without the benefit of collaboration or advice. Simply put, you need to rely on your inner knowledge and wisdom to lead your staff and manage the change.

This isn’t easy and it takes practice. Like anything else, clarity about what you face ahead can bring you a long way on your learning curve.

Of course, it can be hard to stay motivated during times like these. Focus, self-awareness and resiliency, however, are attributes that leaders need to master to be effective with their teams. A few tips to consider:

– Try to be objective and don’t personalize the situation.
– Create and reinforce the self-image of a confident person who has the courage and conviction to survive unknowns.
– Ask your role models for their best ideas on how to transcend change clearly and dispassionately.
– Look for the silver lining and stay focused on it, especially when others are spewing negativity.

One last thought…make sure everyone remembers the value of a good sense of humor. It may end up being your best friend on the road to resilience.

Have a great week!

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