Managerial Consistency

How does a manager stay on top of the myriad details that her employees oversee? Unless you’re a supernatural micromanager, it’s impossible. No matter how organized and detail-driven you are, your staff is accountable to do their jobs. How you manage them will make the difference.

Consistency is one of the key factors for successful outcomes. If you are all over the map, no one will know what to expect from you. Here are some ideas to consider:

Communication: Of course, all roads lead back to excellent communication. If you aren’t precise and clear in your direction, you can’t expect your staff to follow the path of your expectation. Be clear verbally and in writing.

Help them chunk what needs to be done: A big project can be overwhelming for someone less experienced. Work with them to chunk it so that it’s more manageable. Set deadlines and deliverables for each piece.

Check in: Set reminders to follow up to see how they’re doing and whether they have everything they need for a successful outcome. Don’t wait until five minutes before the project is due!

Be collaborative: The more collaborative you are, the better their buy-in will be. Engage your staff and invite them to express their opinions and concerns.

Don’t assume: Something that may be crystal clear and obvious to you may be a foreign object to someone else.

By following these tips on a consistent basis, over time your staff will anticipate your expectations more clearly and will do their jobs accordingly. You’ll reinforce your high standards while giving them the leeway to excel.

Have a great week!

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