Give Thanks

Next week is the quintessential American holiday, Thanksgiving. I have always enjoyed Thanksgiving because the celebration centers around food, family, and friends. What’s not to love?

This year’s Thanksgiving will be different because of the pandemic. Modifications in your traditional routines, especially the number of people around your table, may be disappointing.

That said, it’s still an opportunity to give thanks. Everyone knows that when you take time to express gratitude it is good for your immune system…and for your soul.

This has been a year of adapting and adjusting, sometimes on a moment’s notice. Health professionals, first responders, and front-line workers have kept us safe and deserve our gratitude.

More personally, our colleagues deserve our thanks. Over this next week, take time to give thanks and express your gratitude. Things have been strained for so many companies.

Those that have been working remotely, for example, have adapted well but there is still stress behind the scenes. Whether it’s dealing with technology challenges or home-schooling children while working – it’s a lot.

Last weekend the Wall Street Journal featured an excellent essay, “To Help Stressed Workers, Invent a Holiday.” The examples the author suggested were focused on creating a company holiday where everyone could unplug for a day without any repercussions. Some companies do this quarterly, others more frequently.

“Homebound employees are stretched to the limit and beyond,” states the author. Leaders can either ignore this – and bear the impact of continued burnout – or they can do something meaningful.

The bottom line is that following the lead of the companies that offer mental health breaks is a grand gesture that can make up for the additional wear and tear on our employees.

Everyone is suffering in some way. Think about how you can give thanks to your people by instituting a variation on this theme. More than ever, they need to know that you value them.

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