You Never Know Who’s Paying Attention

An uplifting article appeared recently in The Washington Post. An elderly resident of an assisted living facility had been religiously watching exercise classes held on the roof of a gym across the street from her. When the gym found out, they painted her a mural.

This story made me think about who’s paying attention. What are you doing in your daily routine that someone might be watching? And, if someone is watching, what are they seeing?

One of the people I see frequently when walking my dog in the morning is a young man who has a smile that lights up the block. His smile makes me smile.

If someone sees you frequently, would you be satisfied with what they see? Are you scowling or smiling? Are you accessible or unapproachable? Are you possibly providing a moment of joy such as the young man I pass in the morning?

You may not think much about your impact on the outside world, but a little self-awareness can make a difference. And here’s the kicker, chances are the way you appear to the outside world spills into the workplace.

How do you think you appear to your co-workers? You’d better believe that people are paying attention.

If you’re cranky all the time, that’s what your coworkers will expect. If you take time to offer a kind word, people will appreciate your caring. Leaders are on display whether you like it or not and the consistent impression you leave will become imbedded in the way people perceive you.

Unlike the gym owners, you don’t need to paint a mural, but know that the way you appear does make an impression, especially because you never know who is paying attention.

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