Remember To Laugh

We’ve all heard the expression that laughter is the best medicine. This may be more important than ever in our current environment. When tension builds, your sense of humor can be a lifesaver.

The benefits of humor are being extolled by more than psychologists. Last year, for example, the World Economic Forum published a paper on why a sense of humor is an essential life skill. Humor can greatly improve your quality of life, which does not differentiate work vs. leisure time.

I’ve noticed especially during the pandemic that people with a good sense of humor manage stress much better than those who lack a sense of humor. Your use of humor can diffuse tense situations not just for yourself, but for others. It serves to take the edge off, especially in unexpected moments.

Laughter is good for our immune system. In fact, there is a science underpinning the importance of laughter called gelotology, which is the study of the physiological effects of laughter on our bodies. Laughter Yoga, developed by physician Madan Kataria in Mumbai, India, shows that we even get benefits by laughing for no reason.

You can use laughter to help yourself and your colleagues. Share a moment of laughter daily to maintain perspective. If you’re feeling blue, watch something humorous on TV or recall a situation that made you laugh. Look for the humor in situations instead of seeing the worst.

Laughter doesn’t cost anything, yet the return can be enormous. Make it a priority and you may even find that your leadership acumen will improve.

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