Are You Dragging?

It seems like people go through phases where they drag around, and their normal fervor all but disappears. Their energy is low grade and, simply put, they’ve succumbed to a malaise.

I’ve observed this more than usual recently, and if you’re seeing this with your team, it’s time to reboot to a more energized, positive state of being. If you’re doing well but your people are down, the same message applies.

Remember: people look to you for leadership, so it’s important for you to model the behavior that you want them to reflect.If you just ignore this, you (and/or your people) will be less productive, marginally effective, and, frankly, crankier. Of course, business suffers when this happens. And who wants to be around people who are enduring a malaise? I don’t.

The best way to change the energy is to do something different. It doesn’t matter what you do; what matters is to alter the regular routine.

I’ll state the obvious first. If you’ve burned out and need to take off a few days, do it now. Taking the time to get away and replenish can do a world of good, even if it’s only for a long weekend.

If that’s not a viable solution, change up the routine in your workplace. For example, bring in breakfast and have an impromptu meeting to brainstorm whatever is on everyone’s mind.

You get the idea. The “what” doesn’t matter; just do something. Now.

By doing this, you’ll find that your team will appreciate the change, and if you approach it with enthusiasm, your passion will be contagion will permeate. You’ll benefit from a better-energized team and even some unexpected good ideas.

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