Hack Your Brain

This topic was inspired by a conversation during a long ride with a Lyft driver. We were talking about the importance of a good attitude and he commented, “Yeah, I hack my brain every morning to make sure that it’s in the right place.”

I then learned that in addition to driving to make a living, Randy is a full-time college student (graduating next month) and cares for a seriously ill hospitalized parent. He almost flunked out of high school, was considered a loser by counselors, and against all odds got admitted to college several years after high school and is now graduating with a 3.5 average.

I would say he has achieved some remarkable accomplishments for someone who was more or less destined to be an under-achiever.

It’s easy to fall into the abyss when things are going against you and it takes strength of character, grit and a great attitude to push forward.

Some leaders are great at acknowledging or praising their employees for a job well done. When it doesn’t happen, though, some of those employees get discouraged or feel unappreciated.

Positive reinforcement isn’t always going to happen, and often doesn’t occur at the moment someone craves it. Our employees need to develop resilience in order to stay ahead of their challenges.

Randy’s story leaves some clues. Resilience will be different for each person, but may make a significant difference for people who have the determination and desire to get ahead.

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