Extraction from Spin

High growth business environments can morph into chaotic messes when you least expect it. As exciting as it can be to be part of rapid growth, leaders who spin around in these situations can lose perspective and tend to focus on the wrong things.

One tendency is to grasp at less important issues because they are easier to deal with than more strategic and essential issues. Those less significant matters are often ones that are in your comfort zone rather than the new challenges that arise with growth. Here are some tips to manage yourself during these times.

+ Step back and assess. Even taking an hour to extract yourself from spin and refocus on what is important will help you get centered.

+ Manage your pace. Keep up with what is happening around you, but pace yourself. You need to manage your energy to accommodate possible big spikes in activity.

+ Acknowledge your staff. You’re not in this alone. Thank the people who are driving hard to along side of you.

+ Meditate. What? Yes, meditate. There are tons of apps to help you take some quiet time. Five or ten minutes will do it, especially if you’re starting from nothing. Quiet time will help you stay centered and take the edge of off anxiety.

+ Remember your family. Don’t ignore those closest to you because your work environment is insane. They are some of your biggest supporters and encouragers.

This formula works for any type of stressful situation. It’s important to kick it into gear during intense bursts of growth because it’s so easy to lose perspective on everything else going on around you.

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