Your Theme for 2018

Welcome to the new year! How does it feel so far? Are you pumped up or just ambling along? Do you have fresh perspective or is it more “same old, same old”? Are you energized by diving into your work or are you doing anything to avoid it?

Sounds like a classic half full, half empty scenario. If you’re in the “half full” camp, good for you! I’d speculate that you have a specific aim for the year ahead. This doesn’t have to come in the form of resolutions, but it does imply focus.

You don’t need to make a long laundry list of “shoulds” for the year ahead. Instead, think in terms of one core theme. Are you seeking a promotion? Do you have bold, new targets for your business? Maybe you’re exploring the road to retirement?

If you take this one core idea and keep your attention glued to it, a year from now you’ll be amazed at the progress you made.

Yes, you’ll want to set specific goals that lead to accomplishing this one big idea. Setting goals and implementing them will make a meaningful difference in the outcome. But even if you’re averse to setting goals, keep your focus and you’ll make progress throughout the year.

If you find that you’re having difficulty coming up with one particular idea as a beacon, try again until you discover your optimal idea. Don’t overthink it! The right theme is there and just might be buried in mind clutter.

Once you decide on your theme, try to capture it in a few words. With everything else going on in your life, this will make it easier to remember. Give it a try and see how this helps you manage your most important priorities as the year unfolds.

Have a great day!​​​​​​

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