Are You Ready for the New Year?

We’re days away from the New Year, a time when people make resolutions with the best of intentions and then abandon them at the first available distraction.

Before you can make resolutions that even have a chance of succeeding, take a look at how you did with your resolutions or goals this year. Consider these questions:

+ What worked well?
+ What caused you to struggle?
+ What seemed effortless?
+ What seemed burdensome and heavy?
+ What gave you joy?
+ What upset you?
+ What energized you?
+ What cause you to drag your feet?
+ What resulted in your greatest focus and concentration?
+ What distracted you?

When you review your results in the context of these questions, you’ll see patterns. Did most things work well and energize you? Great work; keep it going next year! Too few positive responses? Maybe you set your sights too high or, quite simply, you didn’t focus on what was really important for you.

Often, people set resolutions or goals based on what they think they “should” do. If you come from the point of view of “should” – which is conditional – instead of a declarative stance, your outcomes will almost always be weaker.

One last thought: don’t make an exhaustive list of goals or resolutions. Focus on fewer, high quality, concrete items and you’ll be more likely to succeed.

Wishing you your best year ever in 2018!

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