Your People Are Watching You…What Are They Seeing?

Most of you are still leading remotely with your staff also working remotely, sometimes even with a skeleton crew in your place of work. Although we have become more accustomed to this after two months, it still feels surreal, doesn’t it?

I know you have been working tirelessly to keep everything together at your company. The new rules of work are changing all the time, so you’re reacting as the environment morphs.

One thing that is certain, though, is that your staff is craving leadership. They are watching you for direction and for clues.
They are not expecting you to have all the answers. On the contrary, your vulnerability will be well received.

Many companies have been sending weekly missives to their employees. I’ve read quite a few of these and the ones that are the most compelling are the ones that are the most human.

When your staff sees that you don’t have all the answers, it shows that you are going through the same sorts of things that they are.

This also opens the door for them to step in and make contributions. Our people want to be engaged, and giving them the space to do so can be a game-changer.

Now more than ever, create an environment where your people can feel useful and can flourish. Seek their ideas and perspectives. Be humble and listen to what they say. Show them respect consistently and respect will organically become a core value of your firm.

When your employees feel that they can help redefine the future of your firm, you are elevating the opportunity for tremendous engagement.

If you adopt this theme, your company will emerge from this crisis different, but stronger, and your employees will be even more aligned with your vision and values.

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