Wrapping up the Year

It’s time to pause and reflect on your accomplishments of 2019. As usual, the year seems to have zoomed by in a flash, and in less than a week we’ll be starting the new year.

Busy leaders don’t always take the time to acknowledge their achievements. You need to savor those moments, because once they’re gone, it’s hard to bring them back.

Recognizing these milestones will remind you of your progress, which sometimes get buried in the congestion of day-to-day activity.

Here are some questions to stimulate some ideas.

+ What were some of your best client experiences? What did you do, how did it benefit them, and how can you leverage these situations?

+ What were some of the high points with your team? Who surprised you by stepping up or who made the greatest professional progress?

+ Which challenges turned into opportunities? How did you make those opportunities happen?

+ What did you do for yourself that was remarkable? (If an answer doesn’t immediately come to mind, it’s a clue that you need to work on this in 2020.)

+ Where did you experience your greatest personal growth? How will you leverage this next year?

+ What was the most fun?

These questions should trigger some thoughts and hopefully you’ll take time for reflection. You deserve to acknowledge the good stuff, and it’s the perfect season for doing so.

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