Tracking Your Accomplishments

2019 is officially over and it’s time to move into the new year. Whether you make personal resolutions or set professional goals, this is the time of the year where we tend to initiate a fresh start in our lives.

People sometimes characterize a year as a “good” one or a “bad” one. Those sweeping generalizations are not especially helpful.

We have both good and bad experiences during a year, and we tend to make these characterizations based on the big events of the year.

Over time, things tend to balance out, so labeling good or bad become less meaningful.

One way to avoid these labels is to observe your progress on a smaller, more frequent scale. I recommend an “accomplishment journal”. Take any pocket calendar (I know….so analog!) and enter a daily accomplishment.

Try this for a month and then look back to review what you’ve recorded. The odds are high that you will be surprised at how much you’ve done.

Clients and colleagues who use this method have not only built more confidence, but ultimately achieved their large goals as a result of keeping this daily record.

All big achievements start with small steps that build on each other. A top athlete becomes great as a result of the daily activities that form the habits of a star.

You can, too.

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