What Are Your Clients Thinking?

The answer to this question requires action! Reflect on the conversations you’ve had recently with your clients or customers. Do you really know what’s on their minds, or are you making assumptions?

Often, we project our opinions onto our clients. If we are struggling with COVID related problem X, we assume that our clients are also struggling with the same problem.

Although we certainly share similar challenges, the degree to which we can more deeply understand our clients’ challenges will inform the types of solutions we provide for them now and in the future.

For example, instead of assuming, ask them about how the continuing impact of COVID has influenced their business direction. How has their strategy changed? What are they focusing on now?

You may have assumed that they are focusing on the same areas as they were five or six months ago, while those have probably changed.

Understanding what has changed for them (and why these things have changed) should open new conversations and even influence your own product or service offerings.

Every conversation opens the door for new insights and knowledge. If you approach these discussions as “the smartest person in the room”, you’re going to lose. Not only can learning from others can change your perspective, it will enhance your understanding.

Good leaders are accustomed to influencing, but better leaders are open to expanding their horizons.

Take this cue to develop your perspective by asking better questions and learning from your clients. You may have no idea what comes next, but isn’t the anticipation of something new energizing?

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