From Survival to Opportunity

A recent Gallup article discussed ways that companies can continue employee development in spite of tighter budgets. Among the many good points raised, the author emphasizes that leaders could focus on the development of behavioral skills that are key to high performance.

Some leaders express frustration over the need to consider employee development when there are so many “more pressing” issues to consider. This is short sighted.

Instead, why not take the fear-based negative behaviors that have shown up during this pandemic crisis and shift from a survival to an opportunity mindset?

Integral to an opportunity mindset are problem-solving and critical thinking skills. How can you help your people develop these skills as challenges arise in your company?

Your ability to help your employees see challenges as opportunities is the best way you can influence a shift in mindset.

Rather than criticizing your people for not responding to a problem the way you would, help them develop stronger skills by coaching them to ask better questions and steering them to more thoughtful and effective approaches.

Yes, this takes more time, and yes, it may take you away from the aforementioned more pressing issues. But it is an investment in the future of your company.

As you guide your team to become better problem-solvers and critical thinkers, the pay off will be substantial down the road.

One last reminder: this isn’t about you telling people to do things your way. Rather, it’s about influencing them to become more effective and creative problem solvers to help your organization move ahead during exceptionally difficult times.

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