Transcending Constant Change

Do you ever long for simpler times when change occurred only occasionally? Do you even remember times like that?

Those days are long gone, but strong managers need to know how to deal with tumultuous change for themselves as well as in leading their people.

I was thinking about this the other day when speaking with a middle level manager whose organization is in the midst of turbulence. She has had three different managers in 18 months; one restructuring has occurred; and her job responsibilities seem to change every few months.

Not unexpectedly, she is a bit demoralized, and has lost enthusiasm for her job. This is a shame, because she has built a successful career with a passion for the work that she does.

And, yes, these internal work related situations are exacerbated by external events, such as the myriad global challenges that we face today.

Of course, it can be hard to stay motivated during times like these. Focus, self-awareness and resiliency, however, are attributes that we need to master in order to stay ahead of these big waves of change.

When you enter the ranks of management, it’s unlikely that you’ll receive direct feedback on a regular basis. Instead, you need to learn how to assess situations, make decisions and take action often without the benefit of advice.

Simply put, you need to rely on your inner wisdom – not external reinforcement – in order to transcend the turmoil of change.

This isn’t easy, and it takes practice before you feel competent in navigating through disruption. Like anything else, clarity about what you face ahead can bring you a long way on your learning curve.

Header image by Romolo Tavani/Adobe Stock.

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