The Power of One Strong Goal

It’s that time of the year where you’re wondering what the heck happened to the year…how did it go by so quickly…. and … how am I going to complete everything that I committed to do in 2023?

Well, there are about 80 days left in this year. The biggest challenge is falling into the trap of trying to do everything that you didn’t accomplish all year. If you turn into a whirlwind, you might make a little progress on several things, but may end up feeling dissatisfied because you didn’t get a great result on an important initiative.

Instead, here is another way to look at this. What is the one thing – the one goal, aspiration or task – that you can focus on between now and the end of the year that will bring the greatest impact to your results for 2023?

If you zero in and stay focused on that one thing, you will probably see a meaningful and measurable outcome.

Start the process by choosing the goal that will have the most impact, and keep in mind that this goal may not be immediately obvious. Take some time to think about the correlation between activities and outcomes, and you will find the most significant goal to pursue.

After you have identified your target, it’s relatively easy to set up a sequence of activities for the weeks ahead that will help you achieve your goal.

I know this may sound “easy.” Don’t let that put you off because if you identify the right target and stay focused, you’ll be genuinely pleased by the potential outcome.

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