The Day of Love

Today is the ubiquitous Valentine’s Day. Hearts and flowers and candy are everywhere to commemorate this day of love.

Although the focus of Valentine’s Day is personal, it’s also an appropriate occasion to show appreciation for employees, clients, vendors and other service providers – in other words, the people who help us do our best every day.

Too often we get mired in criticism and frustration over what people do wrong. Make a conscious effort today to shift from criticism to appreciation. This goes a remarkably long way to make others feel good. You can really stand out from the crowd because regrettably, too few people take the time to show their appreciation.

The word “appreciation” has its origins in the Latin “appretiare”, or “to esteem or value highly”. When you appreciate, you’re expressing your high esteem of another.

When you think about someone with high esteem, you recall their strengths, their contributions, their unique qualities. In most cases these attributes contribute to your well-being and the temperament of your organization.

Think about the attributes that each of these people bring to the table. Some create calmness during chaos. Others are always there when you need them. Some help clarify your thinking. Others encourage and support your co-workers.

Don’t assume that they know your impression of them. Share it with them. Express your “high estimation” of them on this day of love.

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