Leading Yourself Through Change

Even the most confident leaders can feel a little wobbly during times of significant change. After all, you’re dipping your toes into a great unknown where you may not have trekked before. Although you’ve probably gone through hundreds of changes, why do feelings of unease creep in?

It’s just what happens during change, plain and simple. And given your level of confidence and executive presence, this largely occurs internally and isn’t apparent to others.

So, deep down you may be fearful. You may have trepidation about an organizational restructuring or a merger. You may be nervous about how new colleagues or bosses may perceive you. You may question your ability to do a new job. You may be worried about how a new staff may regard you.

My advice? Stop the negative self-talk! Think about other changes you’ve faced and acknowledge that your actual experiences are much different than the voice that’s in your head.

Recall the myriad things you’ve accomplished and how you’ve overcome obstacles that would leave most people flattened. Reflect on the difference you’ve made in the lives of your employees and the company you’ve served. Remember how your fearlessness has inspired others.

Focus on these things, not any drama brewing in your head. Evoke your reservoir of successes and go get ’em!

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