Take a Snapshot

The first quarter has come and gone and if you haven’t already done so, it’s a good time to take a snapshot of what’s going on in your business. After all, if you’re not paying attention, who knows what direction things will go for the rest of the year?

The end of the first quarter marked the end of a full year of operating under sub-standard conditions. Many companies have been in survival mode, with a focus on what can be done to keep the status quo.

Demand is returning, however, and it will be beneficial for the mindset to return to one of growth rather than maintenance. Although the pandemic is still having a meaningful impact on operations, evaluate the strengths that have emerged in the past year.

+ How has your workforce changed for the better? What has become more challenging?

+ What needs to change with your management team?

+ Has the nature of your work changed with your clients? What is better? What needs to change?

+ How has your client mix changed? Are you interested in doing new business with different kinds of companies?

+ How has your vision for the future changed? Have you adjusted your business or strategic plan accordingly?

Review these questions to take a quick snapshot of the current state of your business, which will in turn, help redirect your mindset back to growth (if it hasn’t already happened).

As the rest of the year unfolds, shift from survival to “thrival” mode. As you make this change, you will feel more energized and committed to a better future.

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