Strengthen Your Inner Peace

We’ve been coping with the COVID-19 pandemic since January and as time has passed everybody has been dealing with it in different ways.

If you or a family member has suffered from the virus, your perspective is heightened by that experience. Health is first and foremost and most people are doing their part to stay home and be safe.

If you are separated from a loved one who is suffering, it can be excruciating to be apart at this time.

If you’ve been furloughed, in addition to staying safe and healthy, you’re concerned about staying afloat financially until the curve flattens.

For business owners who have had to shut down or cut back dramatically, the anxiety of that responsibility is dramatic, too.

Although we have this common challenge, we deal with it differently depending on our perspective. Good leaders keep this in mind as they interact with others.

This week marks the arrival of Passover and Easter, both incorporating themes of springtime and renewal.

Obviously, this year is dramatically different. Last night many families held seders over Zoom. On Sunday, Easter meals will be celebrated similarly.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re religious, spiritual, or secular. Use this time to strengthen your inner peace. Whether from a religious ritual, meditation, or reading something soothing, consciously fortify your spirit over the days ahead.

There is no end date to a pandemic. Leaders can best serve their stakeholders by fortifying themselves for the weeks ahead. Step out of the fray and take care of yourself.

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