Deflect the Tension

Everyone is going through an indescribably rough period with no end in sight. In general, as the weeks go on people seem to be more tense. That tension spreads geometrically when you take it out on your co-workers.

These times are defining for leaders. People will remember you based on how you “show up” now. Leaders will fare better if they follow some basic concepts while the unknowns of the pandemic era continue.

+ Collaboration. Don’t be a dictator. Engage your team as much as possible. The more engaged they are, the more they will accomplish. This is not the time to regress to a command and control leadership style. Not only will it get you nowhere, it will diminish the respect you receive.

+ No silos. This is a time for unity, not the time to put your own team’s interests first. In fact, leaders who succeed in breaking down silos and unifying with the overall company vision will be ahead of the game when whatever the new normal arises.

+ Strength. Sometimes this means putting your own fears aside and being strong for your co-workers. Other times it means having the courage to speak up when your voice may be the only one. In either case, you’ll feel better by acting stronger.

+ Compassion. Make an extra effort to support your colleagues and co-workers. Revealing your humanity is a strength, not a weakness.

These few things will help you move your organization forward in spite of the enormous challenges. Keep your head out of the sand and directly face what needs to be addressed.

When you practice collaboration, unity, strength and compassion – even if it feels clumsy – you’ll be leading in the right lane and your employees will feel it.

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