Refresh Your Mindset for the New Year

Last time we looked at what worked and what didn’t work for you in 2022. Today we’re previewing the new year with a focus on refreshing your mindset.

The end and beginning of the year are typical times that people think in terms of a fresh start. To have a successful fresh start, you will benefit by rebooting your mindset.

Think forward one year to the end of 2023: what is the most important thing that you want to accomplish? The answer isn’t as simple as creating a list of the usual goals. Of course, goals are important, but they should nest within what you consider to be your most important overarching accomplishment.

This most important thing is likely to be something personal, such as spending more quality time with your family, improving your health, engaging in intellectual pursuits, etc. It has an evergreen focus, that is, something that you strive for continuously.

If these examples seem too soft, you’re shortsighted. As an example, let’s say that having a better quality of life is most important to you. If a year from now you’ve accomplished critical business goals, but your quality of life has stayed the same or deteriorated, your mindset did not encompass your most important thing.

Using this example, define what it means to you to have a better quality of life. Be as specific as possible, then think of the benefits that would accrue from achieving this. Really own this and begin to make decisions incorporating this focus.

Accomplishing your most important thing doesn’t mean that you can’t achieve the usual goals that you’re likely to set at this time of the year. It may seem counter intuitive but a committed shift in mindset may result in even greater conventional achievements.

Header image by Lil Artsy/Pexels.

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