Happy Fresh Start!

The “fresh start” perspective of the new year can be a blank slate. Aside from the ubiquitous resolutions, it gives you a chance to refine or modify more subtle things that may need refreshed or enhanced.

Does anything come to mind?

Can you be timelier in responding to clients or co-workers? How can you delegate in ways that your team can do what they do best and alleviate work that drags you down? What initiatives have been stuck on your calendar going nowhere for an eternity?

These examples probably triggered something that you can improve on right away, and by making some small, discrete changes, you can make a visible, positive difference.

If your area for change is something habitual, be mindful that you’ll probably need some extra discipline to make sure that the habit is indeed changed; otherwise, you’ll be pulled back into your old ways.

Pick something that you can commit to adapting that will help you be better while also making a difference to the receiver of your action. This is win-win for you and the recipient.

Remember: refine or modify, not overhaul!

Choose something that will be relatively easy to modify. A small change that makes a statement can be more meaningful than making a big splash with something that takes a huge effort.

Remember that “little hinges swing big doors”. What will you choose that will have this kind of impact?

Header image by Gia Orix/Unsplash.

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