Recognition in the “Month of Love”

Sometimes leaders get so busy that they don’t acknowledge valued employees. You may have the best of intentions, but when hectic schedules and competing priorities overtake your attention, you forget about them.

We’re so busy that meaningful actions – such as providing feedback, giving performance or compensation reviews, or just checking in to see how they’re doing – fall by the wayside because they’re not urgent.

Not urgent to us, that is.

They are urgent to our employees. When we ignore, delay, or forget about these things, it can be demoralizing.

Would a meaningful raise be welcomed by a top performer who just bought a house?

Would it make a difference to offer an employee who has an expanding family the opportunity to work at home one day a week?

Would a new, aspiring employee appreciate a vote of confidence from his manager rather than only hear how he has “a long way to go”?

When these valued employees resign because they don’t feel appreciated (and don’t kid yourself, they will leave), the gut reaction is to throw money at them as a counteroffer. In most cases it’s not just too late; it’s insulting.

In this “month of love” why not show appreciation to the people who are the backbone of your businesses….the departments you run….the offices that you oversee. Give them some dazzling feedback and tell them how their contributions make a big difference.

Have a great day!

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