Changing Habits

Changing a habit can be insidious. After months of cultivation, you barely think about your previous behavior, and then, BAM! it reappears at a strange and unexpected time.

This is your test.

Do you give in to the previous pattern or do you stand up for yourself, swat away the old, and resume your new, better actions?

Sometimes you persevere, and other times you slip. The key to moving forward, though, is to reinforce your resolve. Refresh your memory by recalling your “why”: Why did you change this habit? Do those reasons still make sense? Do you feel compelled to continue with your strategy for change?

An old, ingrained habit can reappear months or even years after you replaced it with a new one. Although it can surprise you when the old one pops up, remember that you have built a new mental muscle by reinforcing a new pattern.

It’s up to you to stay strong and reinforce the grit that it takes to persevere.

Whether you’ve developed a new health habit or the discipline to write every day or a commitment to cultivate better management skills, the ability to reinforce yourself is the key. Others can laud your efforts, but your intrinsic beliefs will win over external praise every time.

How are you doing with the changes that you committed to for 2017?

Have a great day!

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