Managing Expectations

Everyone has their own standards of performance and achievement even if they don’t consciously think about them. The workplace supplements these standards by setting expectations for performance on the job.

Leaders need to be clear about their expectations, especially in our multigenerational workforce. What an older Baby Boomer experienced earlier in her career and expects as a given probably isn’t the norm today. If that same older Baby Boomer imposes 1970s expectations on a Gen Z employee, they may not be enthusiastically received.

The point is that leaders need to clearly communicate their expectations and not assume that their employees know what they expect. Should employees be able to read between the lines? Maybe. But why not avoid a potential clash by asserting clear communication?

Working with hundreds of executives over the years, the source of most workplace conflict is vague communication. You can distinguish yourself by averting such clashes by being clear and intentional in how you convey information and expectations to your staff.

If you are delivering an unpopular opinion, say so. “I know you may not like this, but….” goes a long way to show your people that you can stand in their shoes.

By offering clearer communication you will receive better performance and fewer disappointments. All you need is a little plain speaking.

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