Management By Walking Around….Virtually

Just because many companies are working remotely doesn’t mean that your staff isn’t experiencing strife. “He said” this and “she did” that and “I don’t know anything about this” are expressions that pop up, whether you’re remote or physically in the office.

When you hear these types of phrases occasionally, it’s normal and controllable. But if these expressions occur regularly, you need to investigate what’s going on.

Step in before this behavior ramps up, because frequent incidences are bad for your organization’s health. And when everyone is remote, the underlying problem may be more difficult to identify and harder to contain.

When this goes unchecked, gossip increases, trust decreases, and, of course, productivity plummets. The cost of the lost productivity is huge, and over time, takes a major toll.

It’s important to realize that the outward conversation may be symptomatic of something deeper and potentially more damaging.

Right now, for example, the underpinnings of discord may be pandemic fatigue. People are frustrated and demoralized by the endless sea of sameness, concerns about their future, and recurring fears of exposure to the virus.

“Walk around” and monitor the heartbeat of your staff. Check in with your team individually and collectively and get your finger on the pulse.

Earmark some time each week to virtually make the rounds. Your people will appreciate it and you’re likely to learn something that you didn’t know if you didn’t take the time to check in.

And, they will be grateful that you reached out. Sometimes, people just need to be heard.

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