Is Your Team Keeping Pace?

If you’re a leader in a rapidly growing environment, you may find yourself in a quandary about how your staff keeps pace with the business growth. No matter how well you hired until now, you’ll find that you have employees who don’t cut it now and that you need to contemplate new ways to build your staff.

This can be extremely challenging, especially if some of these employees were loyal to you during earlier stages when they did whatever it took to keep things going.

I’m not suggesting that you abandon these employees; rather, think about who you need to add to take it to the next level.

Perhaps you need to consider a middle level manager who can add some much needed supervision and guidance to an otherwise overworked senior manager. Or you may think about adding administrative support which didn’t exist in the past.

The most important thing is to step back and take a look at where the stressors are. Who creates bottlenecks? Where do current employees need the most help? Which senior managers are frazzled beyond recognition? Which positions can benefit from more experienced hires?

After you have identified the stressors, think about which positions could alleviate the problems. Don’t think about why you made different decisions in the past; your current situation is the filter through which you should evaluate.

When you reduce the bottlenecks or relieve pressure or add much needed experience to the team, it’s likely that you’ll achiever higher productivity. And that will make this otherwise anguishing process worth it.

Have a great week!

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