Engagement, Appreciation and Growth

Continuing our theme of employee engagement, consider the correlation between engagement and appreciation. People want to be appreciated and acknowledged for a job well done. It isn’t a big leap to understand that when people are praised for their efforts, they are motivated to do more.

Leaders who feel that recognition merits only occasional effort miss the opportunity to enhance the employee experience. Make sure that you express appreciation in a sincere and well-meaning manner. Employees know immediately when someone is “scamming” them.

How else can leaders show appreciation and recognition? One way is to show a direction for continuing growth within your company. Employees who see a path for their future are more likely to be engaged than those who don’t see one.

Even if your company is smaller and has more limited growth prospects, you can still provide ways to grow through a combination of mentoring and exposure to skill-based courses. The ability to learn new or advanced skills is a strong motivator.

Leaders can also provide opportunities to manage projects or small teams. Employees who are recognized in this manner are de facto receiving a vote of confidence in their ability to advance and take on additional responsibilities.

Showing appreciation for your employees by opening the door for their growth is an attractive way to engage them more deeply. If people resist such overtures, they are probably not a long term for your company; they are there for a paycheck, not a career.

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