Back to School Spirit

The weeks after Labor Day trigger a “back to school” feeling for many of us. The air is filled with the possibilities of a fresh start that can be quite energizing. With the back to school spirit in mind, think about what’s on deck for you in the next three and a half months.

Consider things that are important to you that may have set aside because of more urgent priorities. Often, what is important can be overtaken by the urgencies of daily life. When we take time to breathe, we discover that important things may have been set aside.

+ What have you accomplished so far this year and what is left on your agenda for the next three and a half months?

+ Do these goals still make sense or do you need to reconsider priorities?

+ What is imperative for you to complete before year end?

+ Who can best help you achieve these imperatives? How much and to whom can you delegate?

+ Would it be best to postpone some things until next year?

+ What about the need to accelerate some previously backburned projects?

+ Think about year end 2021: what hasn’t happened yet that will “make the year” for you? How can you make that happen?

These prompts should get your wheels turning. Again, use this time to remember the important goals, small or large, that may have been blanketed by other deadlines. You may not be able to do everything, but you can recalibrate and make decisions accordingly.

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