Brain Reawakening

When you do things the same way all the time, activities become automatic. You drive the same way to work and don’t think about the route. You know what you want to order in your favorite restaurant. You have a weekend routine that’s, well, routine.

By making some small changes in what you do habitually, you awaken your brain simply because you’re thinking consciously.

Small changes can open your mind to new perspectives. Take a different route when you go home. Walk on a different street when you do an errand. Order something different for lunch. In fact, go to a different restaurant.

By accident, I came across one of my favorite independent book stores two blocks away from a client’s office. I thought it had gone out of business, and what a great discovery to stumble on it! Not only was it wonderful to be inspired by browsing, but it triggered an idea that I implemented with another client later that week.

How great is that?

This is the beauty of brain reawakening. Don’t predict what you’re going to discover. By finding yourself out of your routine, you’ll be surprised by the action it will inspire.

When you think consider the increasing importance and emphasis on innovation and creativity in the workplace, it’s good to know that something as simple as changing what street you walk on can be the source of inspiration.

Think about what you might try with your team to generate new ideas and even ways to simplify some of your processes. Remember, you don’t need to have all the answers. You’ll get some great engagement by asking your people to share some of their ideas.

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