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Stunning as it may seem, there are only a few days left in May. Monday is June 1, and for most of us, business as unusual continues.

Rather than continuing to trudge along reacting to the environment, it’s time to take a hard look at what you can do to move forward.

Notice, I didn’t say “propel” or “drive” or “push”. Creating movement is what is realistic now. I invite you to take the month of June to be intentional about forward movement.

This isn’t a race. Think of this as a way to measure how you are advancing, even if it’s at a significantly different pace than you’re accustomed to.

When things appear to grind to a halt, it’s easy to get complacent with limited activity. If you use the month of June to rebuild some momentum, you’ll be ahead of the game when real, meaningful business starts to return.

Here are some things that you can measure. Obviously, there are many more that are specific to your company and industry, but these prompts can get you started.

+ How am I supporting my people to stay proactive and productive?
+ Are there things I can offer my team to improve their skills?
+ How am I staying close to my clients?
+ How am I communicating with prospects?
+ Are there new products or service lines that we can create and begin to test?
+ What new marketing initiatives should we consider?
+ What new processes or procedures can we evaluate?

You get the idea. Pick three things to measure and track your progress for the next four weeks. If you stay focused, I promise you will make some positive progress.

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