Winding Down to Wind Up

Summer unofficially winds down in the U.S. marked by the upcoming Labor Day weekend. Late summer vacations are ending, children are going back to school, and your summer rituals will be diminishing.

Although it’s only a long weekend, this one is a milestone in the year. Whether it’s because we still have strong associations with September as “back to school” or the end of summer hours at work, things will probably be a little different next week.

Aside from enjoying friends and family over Labor Day festivities this weekend, you may want to zero in on one or two things that will make next week seem fresher and newer for you.

I met a pediatric emergency room doctor who takes the same vacation the last week of August so that she returns on Labor Day weekend to get focused about the weeks ahead. Then she goes back to work on Tuesday with lots of energy and a great attitude.

The idea of taking time to wind down is difficult for many people (admittedly, I’m one of them!). But if you don’t take time to decompress, it will catch up to you when you least expect it.

I invite you to downshift this weekend and identify one specific thing to think about in the back of your mind. Try not to obsess over your to do list, catch up on reports, or write proposals. Make this item of focus something that will help you find that great attitude and energy.

This is time for you. Use it. Reflect. And return to work on Tuesday wound up and raring to go in the weeks and months ahead.

And, oh yes, remember to enjoy those barbecues!

Have a great holiday weekend!


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