When the Pressure Is On…

There are periods in all organizations when priorities collide and pressure escalates. People react to stress in different ways, and managers need to be mindful of this as they lead the way through rough terrain.

Your employees may become short-tempered, irrational, or even scared. Keep in mind that they may have never experienced whatever is now going on in your company.

Good new, bad news, the same news: leaders need to be beacons of stability during these times. When your stress is exposed, it can disarm your team. They may hesitate to approach you with questions or concerns. More significantly, they may feel that if you’re so stressed, it’s OK for them to evade the pressures of the moment and mentally check out.

Since this scenario can be especially tough on those in charge, I recommend that you create a “destresser” ritual. This is a series of small steps you can take when the pressure is on and you need a quick attitude adjustment. Here are the components.

+ Physical movement. Get up from your desk and move! If you can leave your building for a brief, brisk walk, this will serve the purpose.

+ Breathe. Many people unconsciously hold their breathe when imbued with stress. Do some deep breathing for 2 minutes.

+ Drink water. This isn’t the time to be dehydrated. Drink a full glass of water to make sure you have proper fluids.

These times can be especially tough on those in charge. When you create a destresser ritual that works for you, you’ll be able to regain the composure that will serve your team well during challenging times. Thankfully, you’ll feel more grounded and so will your team

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