When Superior Performers Slip

Are you fortunate to have superior performers reporting to you? These are employees at the top of their game who always get the job done, who you can rely on for anything, and who your clients love because they’re just that good.

Until they slip.

This happens periodically and when it does, it’s especially painful because you’re not expecting it. The first episode might be when you discover a major error. The next time could be when a deadline flies by and he missed it. And another time might be when you receive a call from a client complaining about his attitude.

More often than not, this isn’t about the job. She may make excuses that are job-related, such as, too much work. . . not enough time. . . not enough support. But you know that there’s more to it. You’ve observed numerous times when she’s worked 80-hour weeks with no help.

Superior performers are not prone to tell you that something is wrong outside of work. They’re so used to their identity as superstars that they don’t want to disappoint you (or themselves).

That’s great, but when an elderly parent has moved into your home or your nanny quit or your spouse was just diagnosed with cancer, life changes immediately. What worked before doesn’t work now. They need to recalibrate.

This doesn’t mean forever. It means for now. Your high performing employee didn’t just lose the ability to perform at a high level; he’s probably coping with something big and isn’t prepared to share it with you.

You may need to become more proactive with these employees during temporary setbacks, but don’t give up. You’ll be glad you continued to support them.

Have a great day!


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