Updating Priorities

Many people made priorities based on an old list of what is important to them. Every once in a while (Every month? Once a quarter? Twice a year?) it is helpful to rethink your priorities and determine whether a change is appropriate.

This is especially important for leaders because their priorities certainly change based on what is going on in their companies.

When reconsidering your list, take a holistic approach and make sure you include personal as well as professional items. It is unrealistic to only look at the professional side because family matters, for example, may become front and center for your attention.

Priorities can also be divided into long term (typically, more strategic items) as well as short term, which need to be managed much sooner.

You’ll be best served by taking a 360-degree view when assessing priorities. Leaders who are nimble and re-prioritize regularly often stay ahead of challenges because they anticipate the need to adapt and they do so without delaying.

The exception to reprioritizing is when you make changes for reasons of missing a lot of deadlines or not feeling confident about your direction. Reprioritizing these types of situations shows lack of critical thinking or being unrealistic about your expectations.

Ultimately, taking time to look at your priorities regularly (in whatever interval that makes sense for you) will help you stay focused and accomplish your important goals.

Header image by Jason Goodman/Unsplash.

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